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There are various ways and subjects for evaluation. EPASS provides the opportunity for professionals to provide feedback on their education (programme evaluation), the supervisors / assessors (MCTQ) and the institute in which they worked (D-RECT).

Programme evaluation is added in a separate module, separate of the portfolio. Evaluation forms are not visible by others, only the professional can add, edit and view the evaluation. The institute receives only aggregated, anonymized reports. 


The Maastricht Clinical Teaching Questionnaire (MCTQ) is distributed within a department or per teaching staff member. The education and supervision of each staff member is assessed by (several) learning professionals. After closing the assessment period, every staff member receives an anonymized, aggregated report on the view of the learning professionals, compared to the self assessment of the staff member. The head of the department can also view a report of all staff members within the department. One administrator can easily start, distribute and close an assessment round within a department, without being able to view the evaluations of the learning professionals.


The D-RECT (Dutch Residents Educational Climate Test) is a questionnaire that provides information on the educational situation in a residency programme. Every learning professional is invited to provide feedback on the completion of the education. The results of all professionals are combined in an anonymized, aggregated report. The results are displayed visually per assessed category.